Global Art Project

Peace in 10,000 hands – The First Collection. A beautiful 180 page art book showcasing some of Stu’s amazing work over 2 years, along with a greeting cards box set – design and layouts by the team Publiceye.

Stu Robertson is photographing a single white rose, an ancient symbol of peace, in the hands of 10,000 people from every country on the planet.

When completed, the project will become a contemporary art exhibition on a scale that confronts, provokes and gives rise to a global conversation for peace. Artworks from the project are being donated 100% to charities focused on furthering peace through children’s education, safety and well-being.

The photographer has already captured over 1,350 people from all walks of life around the world holding the white rose in the palm of their hands, including Hollywood celebrities Danny DeVito, Demi Moore, Ricky Gervais, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Brooke Shields; as well as famous New Zealanders’ such as the Governor General, Sir Richard Taylor, Sir Richard Hadlee, Sir Ray Avery, Sir Stephen Tindall, Valerie Adams, Lucy Lawless, and Martin Henderson.

Publiceye are proud to be part of Stuart’s vision, and the design partner for his Global Art Project.