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Woodpecker Hill Cocktail Look Books

The brief was to design a series of cocktail look books for their bar staff at Woodpecker Hill, The Blue Breeze Inn and MooChowChow.

Being creative minded folk, we decided to stretch the brief, have some fun and create hand made covers that utilised materials synonymous with each restaurant.

Outcome – stunning cocktail look books, a very happy client and bar staff.


Dexter turns 13… that’s 91 human years!!

He may have a grey beard now, but Dexter still has the energy to send couriers flying and keep the door knockers at bay.

He loved his Pink Pig present, which he buried straight away (in the vege garden) then dug it up again for show and tell, the snow peas didn’t survive. Happy Birthday Dexter!



Have a crackling Christmas…

Have a crackling Christmas

We’re almost wrapped up for the year.  Thank you for all your support and
we wish you & your families a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.


Caption this… for a bottle of plonk…

Dexter PublicEye

Dexter publiceye

What has Dexter been up to?
Email your caption through to and we’ll give a bottle of wine to the most hilarious or thoughtful entry.