RAWA Brand Repositioning

Posted on June 20, 2014 Under Case Study


We moved RAWA away from the bold, red, construction-based look that had served them well in the past by refining their logo with lighter font weight, a more intricate icon and a more descriptive tagline Strategic Property Services. We selected black and copper foil with stylised property-based imagery to help the brand project its qualities and new direction across their stationery items.


Publiceye created a responsive website that can be easily updated by the client to work seamlessly across desktop, tablets and mobile devices. The website works alongside a new facebook page and MailChimp newsletter template for public communication with their clients.


RAWA launched their new brand and company direction to clients at a breakfast. Publiceye designed letterpress invitations to reflect the quality of the event, which in turn created a very high RSVP to the event.